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Professional Tax Services in Chula Vista for Maximum Tax Refunds

Avoid costly mistakes in filing your tax returns with our professional and highly-reliable tax services in Chula Vista. We at One Edge Insurance & Financial Services will guide you thoroughly with your personal and business tax preparation. Trust our tax specialists to give you proper assistance, allowing you to pay the lowest amount permitted by the law.

Dependable Tax Preparation Services

One Edge Insurance & Financial Services provides proper financial coaching to help clients file federal and state income tax return with 100% accuracy. Our tax preparation services in Chula Vista include:

  • Individual Taxes Individual income tax is levied on salaries, wages, interest, and other personal earnings throughout the year. Wondering what taxes you need to file as an individual or have any concerns on how to proceed? Our financial and tax advisors are on hand to answer all your questions.​

  • Filing Online File taxes via the online IRS site with an easy-to-use tax preparation system. We are here to make it work for you. Know the exemptions you qualify for, the dependents you can declare, and methods to get the refunds you deserve!

  • ITIN Application If you need to apply for an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), we can gladly assist you with that as well. We will help you secure your documents and follow the proper steps in your application process.

  • Form 1040 Don’t risk declaring a huge amount in your Form 1040. Our tax preparers will guide you on how to file your individual annual income tax promptly and correctly.

  • Form 1099 If you have other sources of income apart from your usual job, you need to file a Form 1099 to report your earnings. We are here to help you fill this out correctly and accurately.

  • Partnership, Corporate, and LLC Taxes Whatever the size of your business, make sure you file the proper tax returns. Our tax preparers will assist you in the proper forms to secure, and in the items you need to declare.

Tax Solutions You Can Count On

At One Edge Insurance & Financial Services, you get a significant advantage with our tax preparation services:

  • Updates with Tax Rules Every tax season comes with periodic changes to deductions. We are here to help you understand these details, and assist you in figuring them into your tax return preparations.
  • Professional, Caring Service Our trusted tax advisors will help you understand the whole process of filing and allow you time to catch up with us. We’ll guide you with declarations and exemptions and patiently teach you how to qualify for what is truly due to you.

Get an Edge this Tax Season

We at One Edge Insurance & Financial Services believe that everyone has a right to properly-filed tax returns. Our professional team of experts and advisers will see to it that you pay the most reasonable amount this tax season.

Partner with us for tax services in Chula Vista that matter. We offer bilingual services in English and Spanish in order to connect to you better. Call us now at 619-488-6313 to get a FREE estimate and know the answers to all your tax questions!