Financial services

We offer a variety of financial services that will suit any stage of life you are in. Saving for a child’s college fund, reducing debt or preparing for retirement. We love helping our clients reach their goals and build a stronger financial position.

Life Insurance

Life is to be enjoyed and not spent worrying about what will happen if... Just like other forms of insurance, life insurance is used to prepare for what is unknown. With products like simple Term Life Insurance policies to more complex Universal Life Insurance policies that are an investment vehicle. You have choices to secure your future and those of your loved ones.

Emergency Funds

Financial preparedness is a concept not talked about in our society and certainly not taught in the school system. How long could you and your family survive if your paycheck stopped tomorrow? Ideally you should have funds available to meet all your bills and living costs for up to 6 months. This may seem overwhelming but we can help you plan on making this happen with our emergency funds options.

Debt Strategy

Consumer debt is increasing not only here in San Diego but across the country. The problem is all this debt needs to be paid back and meeting the monthly minimums will make this feel impossible. Work with us to develop a debt reduction strategy specifically tailored to your personal situation. No need to call a random phone number, we will work with you personally to bring that debt down...and FAST!

College Savings

As a parent you want the very best for your children. This means providing them the best opportunities to achieve success in life. Part of this is preparing to help them with the costs of higher education. As you know, the cost of college is rising every year well beyond inflation and without assistance from college savings plans, your children will incur higher and higher student debt before even starting their career.


The 'golden years' of our life should be spent enjoying all the activities that were 'put off' during working life and spending time with family and friends. The cost of living is not declining and upon retirement when your income drops, are you truly going to have the life you want to live and pursue the activities you've put off to this time of your life? Start planning today and be prepared.
I was feeling like I was drowning in my debt until I contact Eduardo Padilla and Sandra Mora from One Edge Insurance & Financial Services. I share with them the debt that had me sleepless at night. They were very professional and friendly. They guide me and help me set a plan that will eliminate my debt in a reasonable period of time. When they broke down the plan to me, it was simple, easy to understand and follow so I can reach my financial goal. At that moment I felt like something was lift from my shoulders. I felt that I could breath again. One Edge Insurance & Financial Services thank you for being professional, friendly and patient. There’s always a solution for everything, you just need to contact the right people.
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